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SQIFF 2018 | TAKE ONE | TAKEONECinema.netCinema becomes exciting when it breaks the mould and challenges the status quo of the mainstream. PULSE is one such film.

The film tells the story of a gay disabled teen boy struggling with his identity and his own body. The story is beautifully portrayed by a great cast, with notable performances by Daniel Monks (Olly) and Caroline Brazier (Jacqui, Olly’s Mother). Their nuanced performances allow the audience to feel intimate with the characters and become invested in every step of the story.

The film is incredibly well shot and the opening scenes grab the audience immediately. The use of staged and real-life footage also grounds the film in reality, despite a major plot point being a body transplant. Any summary of the film’s story and themes would diminish its importance, and it should be seen to fully comprehend the heights this film reaches: eliciting tears, laughter, cringes and a hope that everything turns out okay. The film tackles everything including sexuality, disability, identity and teenage life. These topics will connect with every viewer in some way and that is a testament to the crew, but in particular Daniel Monks (who wrote, edited and starred in the film).

PULSE leaves no stone unturned and it provides comfort to those that have ever felt uncomfortable in themselves. The emotion the film creates stays with the viewer, meaning the film does not end when the credits begin. PULSE provides a platform for disability and LGBTQ+, often exclusive categories, and brings a story to life that is usually left untold in mainstream cinema. Stevie Cruz-Martin, Daniel Monks and the entire crew of PULSE have given a voice to those who are often forgotten and have created a film well worth a watch for anyone and everyone.

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