Shock Waves – Diary Of My Mind

Directed by Ursula Meier and based on true events, SHOCK WAVE – DIARY OF MY MIND is about a student who murders his father out of hatred, and his mother out of grief. He then sends a novel detailing the events leading up to this moment to his French teacher, who is later suspected by the police as his main inspiration for the killings.

The film narrates the actions of school student Benjamin Fuller, played by Kacey Mottet Klein, as he plots out his plan to kill his parents. Once he confesses straight afterwards, the police track down the novel meant for his teacher and begin to try to figure out his motives. Keeping to the idea of a student in a creative French class, the narration is well written, filled with detailed description and flavourful text that successfully creates the literary aesthetic that it needs, and really helps with the overall immersion.

The strongest aspect of the film is its style of editing, the way it flows by cutting from one narrator to the other, and how it mixes the past with the present is incredible. A particularly effective transition moves from the canyon to his room. Another big highlight of the film is the French teacher in question, Esther, played by Fanny Ardant which is arguably one of her best roles to date. Kacey Mottet Klein’s role as Benjamin is also a delight, complimenting Ardant as they share the screen, making it hard to imagine this role being pulled off by another other pair.

The story itself can be a sore subject to some, which is emphasised throughout the film – with one specific scene, whether true or not, which may make people question the steps taken to understanding the mind of Benjamin Fuller.

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