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Interview with Suba Sivakumaran

HOUSE OF MY FATHERS is part of the 48th International Film Festival of Rotterdam’s Bright Future section, and it couldn’t be a more accurate categorisation. In her first feature, Suba Sivakumaran delivers a moving story of two warring villages, one Tamil and the other Singhalese. Both communities are suddenly hit with a curse which prevents … Continue reading Interview with Suba Sivakumaran

Interview With Grace Winter

Grace Winter’s directorial debut, THE MARQUIS DE WAVRIN: FROM THE MANOR TO JUNGLE, follows the story of Marquis Robert de Wavrin, the aristocratic explorer who spent his life documenting indigenous South American tribes, many of which are now tragically extinct. Student writer Joseph McLauchlan spoke with Grace to find out more. Joseph McLauchlan: This is … Continue reading Interview With Grace Winter