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With ambitious and emotional scope and an elegantly muted central performance from Tzi Ma, Alan Yang’s debut feature TIGERTAIL is a reflective and wistful immigration story that attempts to carry more than its pastiche styling can bear in a slender 90 minutes. TIGERTAIL oscillates between the present and past, articulated through the extensive memory-flashbacks of … Continue reading Tigertail

Mr. Jones

Directed by Agnieszka Holland, MR. JONES is the largely untold real-life story of Welsh journalist Gareth Jones and a slow-moving and chilling historical drama. Set in the early 1930s, MR. JONES excels by telling the story of Jones’s perilous venture into Ukraine, which led to Jones becoming the first Western journalist to widely expose the … Continue reading Mr. Jones


EMA is noteworthy as a study of a great, possessive and possessing performance; and as a dance movie whose dance sequences relate to the substance of the narrative. But as a study of a character, EMA joins Larraín’s gallery of films about subjects he seeks to control – and cannot.

The Assistant

THE ASSISTANT lingers, and not because it generates an incandescent rage. Instead, it simmers with a sense of quiet injustice and insidious malfeasance, which is communicated powerfully by Kitty Green, Julia Garner, and the creative team.