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Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai 3D

The ancient samurai ritual of hara-kiri, also known as seppuku, is a symbolic suicide performed in an attempt to regain honour when all hope is otherwise lost. It is a grisly fate, involving plunging a short sword, known as a tantō into one’s stomach, and slicing left to right. An appointed “attendant” would then finish the job by relieving you of your head. Harry Hunt reviews Takashi Miike’s HARA-KIRI: DEATH OF A SAMURAI


“I take photos to show another world,” explains Steve Pyke, opening up his long awaited documentary MOONBUG, and with a subject of astronomy, you’d expect this to be quite fitting. Unfortunately, a documentary about space exploration it is not; it’s an astronomically claustrophobic look into the world of Steve Pyke.