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Do you want to write features and articles about cinema? TAKE ONE is always looking for new volunteer writers. Our readership is continually expanding, and we are looking for new, original and articulate writers. Enthusiastic people with a sound knowledge of film and a fresh approach to the subject matter, whether you are writing about a particular genre, director, film, short film, or about the industry in general.

We have been an official media partner of the Cambridge Film Festival, Edinburgh Short Film Festival and Scotland’s IberoDocs, but we also work with other festivals all year round in the UK and further afield on features, interviews and reviews. All reviews are independent of the festival they screen at – we like to bring attention to small films and events but always tell our writers they must be honest in their writing about the films they see. We can usually secure press passes for special events, festivals, or screenings of new releases at independent or small chain cinemas. We also frequently have digital screeners for most independent releases or can secure them. In the past, we have also covered Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, BFI London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Glasgow Shorts, Sundance London, Raindance, Cambridge, San Sebastian, Brighton, Watersprite, Fantasia, Open City Docs and many others.

TAKE ONE is not a money-making endeavour, and editors Jim and Rosy run the site out of their own pocket. We are looking at future models that might allow us to generate revenue (and we are experimenting with adverts on the site) but, for now, we are focusing on building the experience of new writers and coverage of film festivals and under-seen films. Many former and continuing TAKE ONE writers have gone on to paid freelance work and other film industry and festival positions.

If you have past writing experience, please include some links as we frequently add people to the team on the strength of previous work. If you have no prior experience, that is fine, but – if that is the case – we’ll typically discuss a trial article with you, which we will edit and work with you on. If we accept the final piece, it will usually be your first one published with us.

We prefer to build relationships with our writers, but we’re also open to individual piece pitches, which you can email to Jim[at]TAKEONECinema.net.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in joining the TAKE ONE team, have a look around TAKEONECinema.net to get a feel, and simply fill out the form below to contact the editors. We usually get quite a lot of emails, so please be patient with us.

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