CFF: Shorts to…Contemplate

SHORTFUSION presents SHORTS TO CONTEMPLATE, a collection of short films that will leave you thinking long after you have left the cinema.

Director, Oliver Riley-Smith’s THE RIOT ACT focuses on the emergence of a race war, questioning the possible reaction of the media. The short follows the story of a YouTuber and amateur journalist as he documents both sides of the race war showing that sometimes, during a riot, things are a little more complicated than expected.

A CROWN FIT FOR A PRINCE is a blend of magical realism and drama. A prince captures a witch who is due to be executed. In a twist, the witch swaps places with the prince, but finds that being a prince isn’t just glory and excitement. Both prince and witch are deliberately played by women. The director, James Honess’ use of stage-like dramatics is fantastic and complimented by the cinematography and costume design.

SOLATIUM is a reflection on religion and morality. A young mother traumatised by her daughter’s death, is confronted by her daughter’s killer. Christina Tynkevych’s short film leaves a trail of confusion in its wake, accompanied by the lingering question: are some sinful acts justified?

Kate Taylor-James’ shortABYSS will leave audiences with an uneasy feeling long after the credits roll. Another short incorporating religious overtones; ABYSS focuses on the rehabilitation of criminals and the forgiveness of those that have been subjected to their crimes.

TWO follows the events of a young, gay, black man who is berated with homophobic slurs by someone who then proceeds to stalk him. Two outcomes are imagined, achieved by parallel editing. One outcome is a violent assault. The second is a sexual encounter.  Kenneth O’Toole’s short film comments on internalised homophobia and the shocking duality of love and hate that will leave you spellbound for days to come.

DETAILS is Jennifer Lieberman’s short tale following four different couples in multiple relationships with one another. Lieberman uses identical scripts for each scene. If TWO is about parallel stories, then DETAILS is about several different versions of the same story. Tackling issues of suicide, depression and deteriorating relationships.

Daniël has gotten his teenage girlfriend pregnant and doesn’t know what to do. Edward de Jong’s compelleing short, VAN MAYA follows the couple as they struggle to make a tough decision.  This is the final short for a reason and will leave audiences feeling baffled and shocked, but for all the right reasons.

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