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Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power

Where perhaps BRAINWASHED may be treading old ground for some of those already versed in basic film theory, Nina Menkes provides a clear platform for further study and highlights the saturation of male power in the film industry: a systemic, toxic culture that needs urgently addressed.

Plan 75

Maturity and an optimistic offer of a more humane solution prevent PLAN 75 from being unbearably bleak. By showing something so terrible, the film is really showing what it so dearly values.

The Blue Caftan

THE BLUE CAFTAN is a film that rewards patience, and Maryam Touzani’s decision to keep the camera lingering on her stars’ bright, pained eyes in intimate moments enhances the emotional connection behind them.

The Astronaut

Nicolas Giraud directs and stars in THE ASTRONAUT (L’ASTRONAUTE), a gentle and beautifully shot film with some ambitious ideas around opening up space exploration and connecting with people on Earth. Although slow, the drama of the climax makes the journey worthwhile. Simon Bowie reviews.