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Charlotte Wells’ feature debut showcases the assured hand she had already demonstrated in her short film work and enhances it further to balance tone and pace throughout a touching story of a daughter and her troubled father on holiday. Calum (Paul Mescal) takes his 11-year-old daughter Sophie (Frankie Corio) on a package holiday to Turkey, … Continue reading Aftersun

After Yang

AFTER YANG is a film steeped in humanity despite its gently dystopian subject: an android sibling of an adopted child. Koganada’s feature includes many thought-provoking strands focused on family privacy, technological dependence, and what makes someone – or something – belong to a family unit. Still, its imagination and sincerity when dealing with memory and … Continue reading After Yang


Premiering in Europe at the Glasgow Film Festival, HOMMAGE (오마주) is a surprising and heartfelt cinematic mystery about women filmmakers, the collaborative process of filmmaking, and the ghosts of those that came before. It’s got some incredibly striking imagery and is a hidden gem of this year’s GFF. Ji-wan (Lee Jeung-eun) is a director of … Continue reading Hommage


In Arsalan Amiri’s ZALAVA (زالاوا), demons are loose in a small village in pre-revolution Iran and mob mentality grips the village’s people. ZALAVA is a confident, creepy, and at times hilarious Middle Eastern horror film with an impressive cast, striking camera work, and gestures towards wider political discussions. Set before the Iranian Revolution, Zalava is … Continue reading Zalava