Shorts To Entertain

As part of ShortFusion at the Cambridge Film Festival, SHORTS… TO ENTERTAIN hosts seven short films varying in length from seven to eighteen minutes long. All have the purpose to entertain, and entertain they do!

Stefan Georgiou returns to the film festival with GREAT EXPECTATIONS, a story about a woman in the twenty first century who is going through the worst day of her life. Using comedic banter, she tackles each event with British humour, soldiering on through the day, managing to find the humour in possibly the worst time of her life. This film makes you feel optimistic that even through the worst of times, you can always laugh.

DEEP CLEAN is a subversive cross-genre between horror, sci-fi and comedy. We are first introduced to our protagonist waiting for his uncle to pick him up for his new job, working as part of the council road crew. We soon realise this job has nothing to do with fixing the roads and all to do with fighting monster dolls from another realm. Matt Harlock’s comedic short is definitely entertaining.

Dino Kazamia’s KIDNAPPED is short, sharp and to the point. As director Joe Withers’ choice of title suggests, it concerns a kidnapping; however, against our expectations, the kidnapper is a grown man dealing with maternal conflict. Watching this grown man act like a child is riveting, and also leaves you with a light-hearted smile.

TIEBREAKER is an example of British banter at its finest. Will is late to the local pub quiz as usual, and Sara is waiting for him – annoyed as usual. The two use answers from the pub quiz to mock each other, until finally it reaches an explosive conclusion. TIEBREAKER is not only funny, but also emotional and powerful.

Danny Morgan’s F*CK is about exactly that. Sex. It is about how as soon as you are ready to have sex something just kills the mood. For the young couple in the story it’s their child constantly screaming for attention. Amazingly humorous but also true to life, F*CK will make you think, but will also keep you entertained.

MAN OF THE HOUR, co-directed by Linda Ludwig and James Curle, is not just entertaining, but also contemplative. A Gatsby-like story about an impossibly successful, famous man who is not quite what you expect. The film is very much worth watching, simply because it so dramatic.

THE DIRECTOR is a meta commentary on how we all want our lives to be constructed and ordered. It asks, why not make your life a literal movie, with character arcs and story conventions galore? Director Kim Albright’s short has great appeal for film fans.

Kidnapped clip from Dino Kazamia on Vimeo.

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