Mark Kermode: The Good, The Bad And The Multiplex

A new adjective seems to be quietly slipping its way into our modern language, and it is to describe things as ‘Kermodian’. A ‘Kermodian’ rant, for example, is well known to be a tirade of some description, with bludgeoning relentlessness, quick wit and a total belief in its complete accuracy, no matter how outlandish. It’s even fit to describe hairstyles, general mannerisms, obscure horror references and fairly poor impressions, what more could a word possibly offer the English language? Following his latest book release, Mark Kermode favoured the audience with the live abridged version, ranting on his favoured topics of 3-D, Michael Bay, Sex and the City 2, all things Multiplex, and (apply a high pitch, vaguely cockney impression here) Danny Dyer.

In his usual top form, his passionate rants are highly humorous, equally well evidenced and hard to disagree with. His book, ‘The Good The Bad And The Multiplex’ follows a similar trend of topics, containing anecdotes, film history lessons, and much literary ranting. The highlight of the event was certainly the Q+A session, where a highly engaged and surprisingly outspoken audience set to work quizzing the Good Doctor. Frequently and amusingly apologetic for his hectoring (as he phrased it) style, his reactions and responses were vastly enjoyable, and provided a fitting end to an excellent event. Whilst it may be to the fury of Mr Dyer, there seems no way forward from here but to allow ‘Kermodian’ its rightful place in the dictionary, just don’t mention Harvey Keitel.

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