One Two


Based upon the real-life experiences of musician and series creator Nat Jenkins, ONE TWO offers a twisted insight into the least rock and roll part of any performers day: the sound check.

Telling a new story with each episode, this comedy web series jumps from country to country, examining how, while languages and sensibilities may change, the awkward atmosphere that surrounds the sound check remains the same the world over. Arising from this tension, in each short film that ONE TWO presents, is a comedic examination of human relationships. Whether it be a concern over the bathroom etiquette while backstage at a gig, or an attractive sound check guy coming between a boyfriend and girlfriend, the laughs are wrought from the uncomfortable and often surreal interactions between characters.

One such film, entitled THE SLOOZE, sees a relatively well known artist, Lucy (played by Natalia Tena of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fame), dealing with a sound check operator, Suzy (Rachel Stubbings), who also so happens to be one of her biggest fans. What follows is a series of increasingly inappropriate gestures of affection from Suzy that any musician who ever just wanted to get the sound check over and done with can easily relate to. As Lucy grows weary of the overenthusiastic fan’s attention, Suzy doubles her efforts to bond with her hero, all building to a satisfyingly ridiculous conclusion.

Not content with merely setting his films in exotic locales, creator Nat Jenkins has brought together a crew of directors, actors and musicians from five different countries, many of them friends that he has collaborated with over the years, making ONE TWO a truly worldwide enterprise. With over one hundred and fifty crew members contributing from three different continents, each short brings its respective city to life, with iconic landscapes such as the canals of Amsterdam or the French beaches serving as backdrops to the stories.

Although each film is based on the personal experiences of a musician, you don’t need to have walked the walk to understand these snippets of human life; each brings their own charm and comedic moments through the interactions that take place, giving a little something that anybody can enjoy.

Nat and the team are currently working on the next season of ONE TWO, but you can watch all the current episodes here:

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