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YANNICK playfully imagines a complete breakdown of the relationship between artist and paying punter. It offers no solutions and barely contains an ending, but maybe in all of its madness, there is a quiet plea for any critical displeasure to be saved for our social media feeds.

The Holdovers

THE HOLDOVERS is cosy because it is bittersweet, and in the same way, it is a comedy because it is sad. David Hemingson’s script, which draws from his own life, understands the close proximity of these seemingly conflicting emotions.

Poor Things

Leave it to Yorgos Lanthimos, the Greek purveyor of oddities, to attempt the supposedly unadaptable POOR THINGS, Alasdair Gray’s 1992 novel of conflicting points of view, paratextual playfulness, and his trademark commentary on Glaswegian goings-on. The film follows Emma Stone’s Bella Baxter, a woman reanimated after her death with the brain of an unborn baby, … Continue reading Poor Things

Plan 75

Maturity and an optimistic offer of a more humane solution prevent PLAN 75 from being unbearably bleak. By showing something so terrible, the film is really showing what it so dearly values.

Saint Omer

It takes a deft hand to communicate empathy in the story of a mother who has killed her 15-month-old baby, but director Alice Diop handles this courtroom drama with grace, even if the genre tag feels reductive here.