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Premiering in Europe at the Glasgow Film Festival, HOMMAGE (오마주) is a surprising and heartfelt cinematic mystery about women filmmakers, the collaborative process of filmmaking, and the ghosts of those that came before. It’s got some incredibly striking imagery and is a hidden gem of this year’s GFF. Ji-wan (Lee Jeung-eun) is a director of … Continue reading Hommage


In Arsalan Amiri’s ZALAVA (زالاوا), demons are loose in a small village in pre-revolution Iran and mob mentality grips the village’s people. ZALAVA is a confident, creepy, and at times hilarious Middle Eastern horror film with an impressive cast, striking camera work, and gestures towards wider political discussions. Set before the Iranian Revolution, Zalava is … Continue reading Zalava


ASHGROVE boldly takes on heady questions and deftly intertwines the personal with the global in an intensely relatable way for anyone living through the ongoing global pandemic and slow destruction of Earth through climate change.