In the Same Boat

INTHE_2017Oh, if only those seen in Rudy Gnutti’s 2016 documentary film IN THE SAME BOAT could be found in the bar of the Arts Picturehouse afterwards. They include some of the world’s most challenging, interesting and it has to be said entertaining thinkers – folk you’d long to talk with, into the wee small hours. One has since passed on: Zygmunt Bauman, the Polish sociologist, who we see on screen puffing away at his pipe and looking and sounding for all the world like the world’s greatest sage. Another guy you’d love to buy a drink for is Jose Mujica – a wonderfully wise old owl, and former President of Uruguay – who gave away most of his government salary.

The theme of the Catalan director’s latest work is no less than the future of mankind (spoiler alert: some hope – but not that much). Tackling some of the big economic and social issues of our century, the talking heads ponder such topics as global poverty and inequality, climate change, technology, globalisation and unemployment. Solutions are offered (mainly a universal living wage coupled with less work) but more importantly it is comforting to know that such bright and perceptive folk such as economists Mariana Mazzucato and Mauro Gallegati are full of good ideas for all of us.

If all this sounds like a 70-minute TED talk – it isn’t. Gnutti infuses into the discussions some captivating imagery: the most potent being that of the eponymous boat (the one that we are all in) cracking the ice of an arctic ocean. There is some obvious use of symbolism (yes, those glaciers falling into the sea to suggest global warming) but the whole piece, including a strangely effective linking motif of a radio presenter (played by Alex Brendemhul) and groups of vox poppers in cities around the world, have a powerful effect. The only regret here is that you can’t chat to them afterwards. –

By way of consolation, we hope to welcome director Rudy Gnutti to the screening for a Q&A – and if you are lucky, you’ll find him in the Picturehouse bar afterwards! Screenings are on 24th Oct at 17.15 and 25th at 14.45.

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