London Korean Film Festival 2011

The “London” film festival programme is actually screening in various UK cities including Cambridge, where the Picturehouse will be screening Korean films from the festival programme from 18-20 November.  TAKE ONE will be covering all Cambridge screenings.

There follows a special message from the Festival director Hye-jung Jeon.

2010 marked the London Korean Film Festival’s fifth anniversary with our biggest events to date but 2011 sees the start of a new era for the festival where we are striving to bring even more of the best of Korean cinema, past and present, to the UK shores.

Every year the festival looks to spotlight certain aspects of the Korean film industry whether it is the role of women in front of or behind the camera or how the country has dealt with war through the ages. This year is no different, shinning a light on the North and South divide which has been prevalent across many of Korea’s films since the ‘Forgotten War’. We shall examine how Korea has dealt with and utilised this in a wide variety of films including The Front Line, Dance Town and Poongsan. Also the festival will look to highlight a more lighter tone of film than the British public is used too with Korean films with a number of comedies and family friendly films.

This year we will continue to promote one of the principle aims of the festival which Is to showcase K-Culture with a number of films explore many different aspects of Korean culture. K-Pop is one of the most up and coming elements of Korean culture that is becoming more and more popular in the UK which the festival will be looking to help to increase the profile in this exciting and fresh musical wave. This will be shown with a live performance from KPop sensation SHINee.

Finally I would like to say thank you for your interest in our festival and I hope that everyone, no matter the age or gender can find something to enjoy.

Yours Sincerely,

Hye-jung Jeon

Festival Director