Short Fusion: Dilating Time

One of the joys about attending a film festival is the act of discovery. Short films open a door to a wide range of talents otherwise ignored by mainstream audiences. LOST TRACKS is a look at a disillusioned youth and her struggle to break free from dull small town life. Although not original in plot or premise, director Jon Stanford handles the drama in an assured and delicate manner whilst the cast prove more than capable. Not spectacular but solid.

A SCENE BY THE SEA is a different kettle of fish. A melancholic look of a father trying to cope with blindness as his son looks after him in a small Korean fishing village. Despite a few nice touches, the film feels lost and never establishes a sense of complete purpose. The director tries to convey a meaningful relationship with very little dialogue but it ultimately feels futile. One scene involving raining fish just proves confusing.

The final film, NANCY, SID AND SERGIO, takes a look at God and the Devil on a camping holiday. Intriguing in premise, the characters are too muddled to explore the subject effectively and the direction too heavy handed to have the necessary impact. With a contrived final third, the film falls flat and never lives up to it’s own ambition.

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