Ten Billion

In the quest to discover how to avoid the pressing massive food crisis predicted by 2050, 10 BILLION: WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE? is a global journey to discover the healthy alternatives available to guarantee the production of food for everyone.

Valentin Thurn’s documentary doesn’t leave space for illusions regarding the world’s current situation. The enormous imbalance in food production between western and eastern countries is just the tip of the iceberg of a bad economy that is leading mankind towards a massive food crisis. According to Thurn, there isn’t enough time to keep playing around since the problem is real and it’s going to affect everyone. Throughout the film, he cleverly showcases and compares different approaches to solve third world hunger.

From the agricultural industry’s genetically modified and hybrid seeds to the organic farms in India and Germany producing genuine goods at a value price, Thurn takes his time to explain the pros and cons of each alternative. In illustrating organic farming, he talks directly with the people involved, explaining in details how crops are grown and animals are bred and fed. Similarly, while interviewing genetic engineers and industrial workers, after hearing them display the pros of their genetically modified products, using the voice over technique, he exposes their impact on the planet as well as the risks to human health.

In showcasing the truth, he is nudging the crowd to seek more knowledge.

With this long journey around the world, Valentin Thurn’s aim is not to presumptuously give a direct solution, rather, is to make the audience reflect on what each person can do in order to make a difference by presenting them the most concrete options that farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs and even doctors are developing. In creating those parallels between the agriculture industry and organic farming the audience is free to build its genuine opinion and conscience.

However, even though he objectively lays out all the facts, Thurn’s position in the matter is clear. To him the only positive alternative is to support organic farming, as it is the most effective solution against hunger and global self-destruction.

What renders 10 BILLION: WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE? a truthful documentary is the realistic way in which every alternative is presented. Nothing is left unexplained, every piece of information is at the audience’s disposal and the cinematography assists the message to come across loud and clear: to answer to the food demands, mankind is exploiting the world and the discouraging part is that most of the people ignore it. The images edited together are powerful and self-explanatory, exposing the reality, while leaving the audience with a bitter sweet taste in their mouth.

10 BILLION: WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE? does not want to impose a fixed solution. Its purpose is to create awareness, to open the audience’s eyes and empower them. It gives them the necessary information to make a responsible decision towards what is best for the world. In showcasing the truth, he is nudging the crowd to seek more knowledge.