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Jim has written about film since freelance since 2010, and is a co-founder and the Managing Editor of TAKE ONE Magazine. From 2011-2014 he was a regular co-host of Cambridge 105FM's film review show. Since moving back to Edinburgh he is a regular review and debate contributor on EH-FM radio's Cinetopia film show. He has worked on the submissions panel at Cambridge Film Festival and Edinburgh Short Film Festival, hosted Q&As there and at Edinburgh's Africa In Motion, and is a former Deputy Director of Cambridge African Film Festival. He is Scottish, which you would easily guess from his accent.


A sprawling and ambitious project involving nine female filmmakers from the South Pacific region, VAI is a superb achievement. The film manages to communicate the essence of common experiences whilst retaining cultural specificity. That the collection achieves this with a visual vibrancy and tonal coherence makes it all the more remarkable. The film’s team describe … Continue reading Vai


With a delicate and naturalistic performance at the centre from Andrea Riseborough, Zeina Durra’s LUXOR succeeds at painting a portrait of one of life’s pauses for thought; one of the strange stasis and emotions that develop when contemplating one’s life in a once-familiar place. Jim Ross reviews the Sundance selection.


WAVES is a film shot and choreographed with style. However, its attempts to also add depth fail and result in a transparent surface layer of appropriated trauma. Jim Ross reviews.


Although 1917’s engagement levels can dip between set pieces, the skill of Mendes’ collaborators elevates it to something a little more than the marketing hooks would imply, even if technical prowess still dominates the emotions of the characters. Jim Ross reviews.