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Jim has written about film since freelance since 2010, and is a co-founder and the Managing Editor of TAKE ONE Magazine. From 2011-2014 he was a regular co-host of Cambridge 105FM's film review show. Since moving back to Edinburgh he is a regular review and debate contributor on EH-FM radio's Cinetopia film show. He has worked on the submissions panel at Cambridge Film Festival and Edinburgh Short Film Festival, hosted Q&As there and at Edinburgh's Africa In Motion, and is a former Deputy Director of Cambridge African Film Festival. He is Scottish, which you would easily guess from his accent.


SYNCHRONIC joins the dense history of time travel films with an intriguing mechanic and clear character motivations to attach to it. However, Benson and Moorhead’s film zips by at a pace that means our attachment to those characters never develops the film into the emotionally engaging feature it could have been.