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Bad times at the Cabin in the Woods

Drew Goddard has a history of dabbling with ‘genre’ pieces. But what is ‘genre fiction’? Snobbishly speaking, we could say it’s the home of vampires, hard-boiled detectives, robots, dragons – and anything else that doesn’t have the decency to be concerned with good old-fashioned real life. ‘Genre fiction’ is anything that doesn’t deserve the respect … Continue reading Bad times at the Cabin in the Woods


STRYKA takes place in a grungy “near-ish future” populated with hover cars, holograms and lizard-aliens. The eponymous heroine (Aimee Mullins) is a thief who does small-time jobs with her partner Callen (Rupert Friend) – but she questions whether their relationship is in her best interests. Stryka is an alien – reminiscent of Whoverse Silurians, but … Continue reading Stryka