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Ken Loach & Paul Laverty: The Old Oak

“Telling stories of the working class means you can incorporate them as full characters with complexities and humour and struggles and sadness and joy and all the rest of it that make them human and not stereotypes or cliches. One thing you never see is their strength.” At the North-East premiere of THE OLD OAK, writer Paul Laverty sat down to chat about the film, while director Loach spoke over a video call.

Interview with Laura Samani on Small Body

Image Source: London Film Festival Set in the early 1900s in Northern Italy, Laura Samani’s debut feature SMALL BODY (Piccolo Corpo), follows the journey of a woman, Agata (Celeste Cescutti), as she gives birth to a stillborn baby, who is then condemned to limbo. In her coastal village, one of the locals mentions a ‘breathing … Continue reading Interview with Laura Samani on Small Body