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Interview with Jos Stelling

Jos Stelling: filmmaker, cinema owner, visionary. Although popular on the festival circuit, none of his films have achieved distribution in the UK. Stelling was a special guest at the Cambridge Film Festival 2011, and Dorian Stone had the opportunity to interview him.

Interview with Jonathan Furmanski

First-time director Jonathan Furmanski has been a fan of the controversial singer/songwriter Clarence “Blowfly” Reid since high school. His documentary “The Weird World of Blowfly” isn’t just a showcase for the unsung grandaddy of rap – it also features some fascinating off-stage character studies.

George Kuchar Interview

Rosy Hunt interviewed George Kuchar for CFF2009. His 16mm underground wonders, filmed in collaboration with his brother Mike, shook up the Bronx in the early sixties. Their influence over Warhol, Waters, Vadim and Lynch is obvious; but the Kuchar Brothers have always worked for love, not money.