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Magnus von Horn’s SWEAT fuses the age-old story arc of the battle between success and loneliness in a modern setting that resonates in the digital age. Horn, above all, paints the 4G world on a three-dimensional canvas, allowing human nature to take the spotlight in a setting that is often illuminated to promote the shallowness of humanity.

Ahead of the Curve

AHEAD OF THE CURVE will inspire courage and perseverance in those that feel lost or disconnected from their community, especially in a time of isolation. It reignites the need for increased visibility in society but also a need to preserve our own queer spaces and cultures.


The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in far northeastern Russia is far removed from the political, social, linguistic, and cosmopolitan realities of Moscow or St Petersburg. In this environment, a local cinema culture has flourished, and Dmitry Davydov’s SCARECROW (PUGALO) brings Sakha cinema to an international audience at IFFR.

Shiva Baby

SHIVA BABY, the feature debut from director Emma Seligman, is a whirlwind of anxiety where a conflict between the personal and the familial erupts at a shiva while surrounded by relatives, community, and salmon and cream cheese bagels.