Young Critics: Dead Cat

dead-catImagine if you accidentally bumped into your first love 10 years later; what you would do? This is a film about the rekindling of an old flame as we follow Michael and Kristen, two childhood sweethearts, who find each other again having not spoken in years.

Set in London, this quirky British romantic comedy from director Stefan Georgiou manages to capture the lives of everyday real people, focusing on an issue that has affected many. Michael is an unemployed, yet talented photographer who still lives at home with his dad. Kristen is a successful woman who works in advertising, has a daughter, and is married to a man she is no longer in love with. We follow our couple as they try to reform their old relationship, with help from Michael’s quartet of humorous and witty friends, who offer comedic and interesting advice about relationships.

This is a light-hearted and contemporary British comedy that stands out as different and unique in its way. It gives us a realistic portrayal of modern day relationships without the idealistic versions we usually see in romantic comedies. The soundtrack works beautifully, and showcases some of the best unsigned acts (at the time) in Britain, such as ‘Dry the River’ who’s track ‘Weights and Measures’ plays a key role in the plot.

Made on an impressive low budget, Georgiou and co-writer Sam Bern (who also acts in the film) have managed to create something special and heart-warming. The film reaches out to those in the audience who have experienced what it’s like to lose someone they care about, and offers us the chance to imagine what it would be like if we were given a second chance.

-Abbie Loosemore

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  1. Nice review Abbie, you’ve summed Dead Cat (one of my festival favourites) really well and congrats on your award!

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