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Eastern Memories

In this thought-provoking documentary, journals of the Finnish Linguist, G. J Ramstedt, are narrated following his travels to Mongolia, Japan and China starting in 1898 as a 25-year-old linguistics researcher. Ramstedt firstly journeys to Mongolia to study the languages, including their relation to the Finnish language. He’s accompanied by his family as he embarks on … Continue reading Eastern Memories


Deana McGuffin is a third generation boot maker living in New Mexico. Her boots are more art than footwear. The short documentary film BOOTWMN explains how Deana was approached by a San Franciscan artist with a commission to make a gay-themed cowboy boot, representing “the gay state.” We then join a team of cross generational … Continue reading BootWmn


The charismatic Harry Dean Stanton recites the meaning of realism from his dictionary, held up by a lectern in his living room. Lucky is a man of a certain age, physically anyway, with a routine of morning calisthenics and crosswords. Scamp-ish and young at heart, Lucky must now come to terms with his own mortality. … Continue reading Lucky