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Ahead of the Curve

AHEAD OF THE CURVE will inspire courage and perseverance in those that feel lost or disconnected from their community, especially in a time of isolation. It reignites the need for increased visibility in society but also a need to preserve our own queer spaces and cultures.

Scottish Competition 3: Care to Express

The Care to Express programme aims to look at the ways in which “art, passion and care work together to enrich our lives.” The five films in the programme present a world of culture, environment and art during a turbulent year. Music producer Patrick Cowley was instrumental in the San Francisco club scene’s evolution, with … Continue reading Scottish Competition 3: Care to Express


IHUMAN won’t be new for anyone who’s kept up to date with any of the other numerous documentaries on data mining and surveillance but it’s nifty in tying everything together and offers a sense of understanding, albeit one we may wish we never had. April McIntyre reviews.