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The Year of the Discovery

THE YEAR OF THE DISCOVERY takes some dedication from the viewer due to its length, which perhaps would be better experienced in a theatre for full effect, but its runtime ultimately feels necessary to give space to the almost endless articulations of how the micro of individual life relates to the macro of world-political-economy. We are here now after the discovery, but it doesn’t mean we understand what we’ve found.

She Dies Tomorrow

It is very difficult to not acknowledge one’s own mortality or entertain notions of your own death after this impressively understated feature that wallows and lingers in its own detached chilly dread, like an unwelcome thought creeping into your head at four in the morning. Matt Hall reviews.


With ambitious and emotional scope and an elegantly muted central performance from Tzi Ma, Alan Yang’s debut feature TIGERTAIL is a reflective and wistful immigration story that attempts to carry more than its pastiche styling can bear in a slender 90 minutes. TIGERTAIL oscillates between the present and past, articulated through the extensive memory-flashbacks of … Continue reading Tigertail